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Traffic Control Systems

If students can’t get served in time to eat before the lunch period ends, they won’t be back tomorrow! End your student frustration with long waits at the serving line!

Create efficient student flow through the serving lines with fixed or portable traffic control units.

Available fixed-in-floor style, these units control the flow of students in the serving lines to maximize the number of students served in each lunch period.

Eliminate student complaints about not being served in time to eat before the lunch period ends.

  • Insure all students have more time to eat
  • Prevent breaking in line
  • Improve student behavior
  • Reduce food theft by funneling all students into the point of sale area
We created semi-circular welded railings at Miami Edison High School outside serving line to control student access to the counter.
Clear Lexan™ shields are used to keep student from reaching around and stealing food.
Serpentine lines funnel students in an orderly and controlled manner — 1 student at a time.
The traffic lines are spaced so only one student at a time can go through. No more mass confusion at the point of sale area — with faster movement of students in Pasco County, Florida.
Fixed-in-floor railing system colors complement your dining room décor.
Even outside serving windows need student traffic lines to prevent massing up at the window. Out lines can be reconfigured on-site if your serving needs change.
At Royal Palm Beach High School in Palm Beach Country, Florida, our traffic units hold 60 students at a time — moving them in an orderly, one-at-a-time control through to the cash register.
These are some examples of the designs we create based on each school’s space and traffic flow needs. The serpentine design slows the student down and allows your serving staff to have control over the point of sale area.

4 Secrets of Successful Traffic Flow

  1. Use the Disney philosophy - wind the students around in a narrow width so there is no breaking in line, but always in sight of the serving area.
  2. At the point of sale, narrow the line so only one student at a time can pass through – to eliminate food theft.
  3. On fixed-in-floor units, use 36" waist high posts with 2 horizontal rails- to eliminate students climbing through the line.
  4. Arrows on the floor guide the students through the lines in an orderly fashion.

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