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McDonalds™ spends millions of dollars on making restaurants attractive to your students — Don’t Fight it, Copy it!

Do you know how dull and unappetizing a school cafeteria can be? We create a dining room environment that is bright and exciting for your students to increase student participation and revenue!

  • Cafeteria Booths increase the seating capacity, and give a “fast food” restaurant look.
  • Menu Boards highlight your food item selections.
  • Wall Art and "Themes" develop school pride and create atmosphere.
  • Traffic Control Units move students through efficiently and prevent food theft.
Think about a visit to your favorite restaurant: Even though the dining room was large, it was divided into smaller, more intimate sections. There was décor artwork on the walls to create atmosphere, and provide visual interest. The restaurant had a "theme" that unified all the artwork, and gave it a certain "feel" that made you want to come back. Information about menu items was presented in an attractive manner, and there were always mouthwatering pictures of the food (especially the desserts) that helped you make your selection. Traffic flow was controlled so there were no "traffic jams" at the salad bar or the buffet line. You left with the feeling you had a good time and wanted to come back.

That’s the formula that every fast food restaurant uses to attract your students!

If your High Schools have open campuses – where students can leave for lunch – this is the competition you face every day. Fight back by using the same elements that work for these "food court" restaurants to grab your students’ excitement and participation.

Over the last 33 years, Universal Seating Company has teamed up with some of the best school food programs to make dining rooms inviting places for students. Using the same architectural design elements used by successful food court restaurants, Universal Seating Company can:

  • Transform your cavernous, un-appealing cafeterias into themed dining rooms (using artwork of school mascots, 50's Rock and Roll themes, or any idea you can imagine)!
  • Increase your student seating area, by using booths around the perimeter of the room and non-traditional placement of booths and tables to "segment" the large room — for a more inviting, intimate atmosphere.
  • Boost your a la carte sales with luscious food pictures in menu boards with bright, visible listings of your food selection — highlighting your "specials of the day"
  • Guide traffic flow into the serving lines in the most efficient, orderly manner. This will reduce waiting in line time, and food theft.
  • Design your serving line area with flexible, moveable carts that can be color-coded for your school colors

Call Barry Schuster, President of Universal Seating Company, toll free (800) 330-7328 to schedule a consultation on how to transform an un-appetizing, under-performing cafeteria into a high participation, high revenue producing dining room.

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Call Barry Schuster to transform your dull, drab cafeteria or library into something beautiful and attractive!
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