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Mobile Folding Tables

Why Folding Tables?

  • Require less storage space
  • Adjustable height
  • Unitized understructure
  • Easy maintenance

Mobile folding tables give flexibility to your Multipurpose Rooms. Many different shapes available to provide maximum seating capacity in rooms that need to be converted from dining to other uses. Over 215 exciting colors for the tables to brighten up your multipurpose rooms.

Bench tables in 8', 10' and 12' lengths provide economical "low-cost-per-seat" Adjustable tabletop in 27" or 29" height allows use over many grade levels.
The only 12 feet long table that can go under a standard 80" high doorway for storage! Combine traditional with contemporary with stool tables and booths creating a tasteful and pleasant décor.

Convertible Benches

These 27" or 29" high tables provide multi-purpose use.

  • Quick conversion from cafeteria to auditorium seating.
  • Tables come in 6', 7' or 8' lengths providing large seating capacity for your dining room.
  • Quick arrangement of tables for multiple uses.

Shaped and Rectangular Tables

Round, square, hexagonal, and octagonal tables promote small group interaction. Nylon Bushings between metal pivot points makes for quiet and smooth folding.

Shaped Tables available with 25" high, 27" high, 29" high or adjustable height tabletops.

Rectangular Tables available with 27" high or 29" high. Tabletops are 30" or 36" wide.

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