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Sound Absorbing Systems

High Noise Levels are the biggest problem in many cafeterias!! Donít you hate being the Noise Police? Anytime you have a lot of people in your cafeteria you have a lot of noise. In fact, very few cafeterias were designed with regard to acoustics, but Boy! do they affect your studentís use of the facility.

Even when people donít mean to be talking loudly, they just get louder to be heard, and you have ďSound EscalationĒ that reverberates through your building.

Food Court Design Group will work with your facility to create acoustically controlled areas - using state of the art panels that lower the noise level by absorbing the sound that travels from floor to ceiling and between the walls.

We offer two styles of acoustic panels:

  1. Bright, colorful fabric covered panels with 2" thick sound absorbing materials - available in a selection of beautiful colors to visually enrich your cafeteria
  2. Metal perforated panels that can be placed on your walls and ceilings to absorb reflected sound.

Metal Acoustic Panels

Our patterned metal panels can even be painted with a graphic design to create an art panel that enhances the look of the room. Call us today for relief from painful Sound Escalation, and retire from being the Noise Police.
Perforated metal panels designed to be placed on walls for acoustic control. Turn them into wall art with an acoustic benefit. Wavy panel design creates architectural interest on your walls. Available in colors to complement your cafeteria interior. Metal sound absorbing panels fit into your existing drop ceiling grid.

Fabric Covered Acoustic Panels

Pictured below are 2" thick sound baffles hanging in a cloud formation to help keep the noise down while creating a bright exciting area for your dining room. Made of semi-rigid fiberglass 2" thick, these bright, attractive panels enable you to add color while at the same time making the area quieter. - available in a selection of beautiful colors to visually enrich your cafeteria

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