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Staff Dining Rooms

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Staff dining room at Arroyo Valley High School in San Bernardino, California with a 1950’s theme. Tables, booths and settees provide a varied seating environment in the Cajon High School staff dining room. Planters in the center of the room with desert plants add a warm touch to the room.
A nautical staff dining room at Pacific High School in San Bernardino, California. With lots of 3-D artwork including a divers helmet, anchor and ships wheel. The school district dining room in San Bernardino, California uses tree and planters with a cobblestone look to create a warm, inviting space.
Belvedere Elementary School in West Palm Beach, Florida with school colors and “Bon A Petit” inlaid bee mascot logos — sparkle glitter finish on the booths adds a bright touch in the dining room. At San Gorgonio High School in San Bernardino, CA, the staff dining room has Greek artifacts and paintings to create a pleasing environment.
This is the gazebo surrounded by flowers in the school district office dining room at San Bernardino City Unified School District — the whole room is a restful and pleasant place to dine. Graves Middle School in South Whittier, California, with colorful wall art and upholstered seating areas to create an inviting atmosphere. We constructed a custom 90° corner condiment stand for this room.
The staff dining in this attractive room at Cajon High School in San Bernardino, California, have the same western feeling as the students in their wild west café!

You can see the cacti in the planters between the booths and the colorful south western artwork on the walls.


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