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Branding Dining Rooms

Whether you have a high school, middle school or even an elementary school ó when you ďbrandĒ the cafeteria with a name, it changes the studentís perception of your nutrition program.

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It is never too early to brand your dining area. This is an Elementary School and you can bet the kids donít think of this as a yucky cafeteria.
At El Diamante High School in Visalia, California, the students donít say they are going to the cafeteria, but rather ďIím heading to the Pick Ďn Shovel.Ē
Centennial High School in Compton, CA uses bold hand-painted art letters to bring kids into the serving line.
The students gather at the Union in Graves Middle School, South Whittier, California.
At Compton High School, the kids selected a very informal name for their exciting dining space.
At South Intermediate School in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, the kids go to eat in the Jungle Zone.
Students selected the name for this glittering dining room.
Who says a large dining room for over 2,500 students has to be boring? Not us! Combining hand-painted artwork with vivid neon signage brings out the pirate heritage of the school.
San Gorgonio High School in San Bernardino, California uses bright neon colors to highlight the nickname of this exciting dining area.
The proud Warrior watches the students of Whaley Middle School in Compton, CA enter the serving line.

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