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LED Illuminated Menu Boards

LED Benefits

  1. 81% power savings over magnetic ballast lighting
  2. 76% power savings over electronic ballast lighting
  3. LED panels last between 75,000 - 100,000 hours
    (compared to 18,000 - 20,000 for fluorescent)
  4. LED panels only lose 3%-5% of their brightness of the panel Life
    (fluorescents lose an avg of 51% of brightness over two years)
  5. LED panels generate little or no heat - Extending picture life
  6. Gives a "Flat Screen TV" look

We guarantee increased profit. You can’t lose!

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6 little known techniques using menu boards
to increase á la carte sales

  1. Always use a luscious food picture of your menu items. You want to create a situation where kids point at the picture and say, “I want that!”
  2. Never put too many serving size options on the board – use regular and large – to speed their choice.
  3. List all your á la carte items in order of popularity, and group them by category to make selection easier (for instance, keep all drinks together and all desserts together).
  4. Use colored backup strips to highlight your most popular offering, or to denote a special food selection.
  5. Use double-high headers with colored strip and white letters to focus students’ eyes on your food groups.
  6. Use the school cafeteria nickname in a large header strip to personalize the cafeteria.
  7. BONUS TIP #7 – Remember idea #1- ALWAYS use delicious-looking food pictures. This idea alone will raise your sales 7-10%.

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