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Listening Booths

What could be nicer than an inviting listening tree for a parent and child to sit in and read along with a recorded book (such as The Giving Tree). This tree, and all our exciting listening booth designs, entice kids to “Read in me!”

The seating area can be filled with exciting library aphorisms

Inside each Listening Booth is a CD player that enables the library to play the “book of the day.” Since the CD is set to loop, once a CD is playing it does not need to be changed until the next day when the new CD is placed in the unit.

The booth enables a parent and child to sit in the booth and have a quiet nook to read and learn.

Listening Tree - The listening tree is designed to resemble a palm tree with its colorful tree bark and lively fronds. The tree is designed to be placed in any area of your library. Available in sizes from a 1-person corner to a 5-person circular structure.

Listening Fire Truck - We have a bright, fire engine red hook & ladder model that seats 5 children, 4 in the front seats and 1 in the rear cab with a steering wheel in both the driver seat and rear cab seats. The sound from the books comes through the big “fireman” style earphones.

Listening Hill - “Knowledge Hill” is a structure that resembles a hill in that children can play and read above. Children underneath sit quietly in their own cozy area reading along with a CD.

Listening Mountain - Visualize a mountain jutting up and out from your library wall with two tall peaks like Mt. Everest. This “Mountain of Knowledge” inspires children to conquer great things in their life while helping them enjoy reading.

Others: Listening Book, Row Boat, Ark, Lunch Box, Tee Pee, and Dinosaurs

Each booth can be modified to your library specifications of space and design.

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