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I’m Barry Schuster, President of Library Design Group - a division of Universal Seating Company.

We are the authorized Southern California distributor for Brodart Library Furniture, and WOW, have we got a marvelous story to tell you!

All of us are entering a new era in defining the role and look of a library. The proliferation of new media - such as the Internet, and the fun atmosphere of Barnes and Noble™ have caused everyone to re-think what functions the library facility should be designed to accomplish.

We truly do live in exciting times, and the combination of Library Design Group’s vision and the high quality and style of Brodart Library Furniture enables us to accommodate any new role the library will fulfill.

Brodart furniture has been re-designed to meet the style and function of the library of the future - with many new collections of furniture combining the warmth of beautiful woods with high design concepts that will create an exciting environment in your facility.

Can we forecast what the library will look like in 20 years? Boy, I wish I had a crystal ball to say “Yes.” But no matter what new technology will appear in the future, Brodart furniture has the flexibility and classic design to accommodate any change.

Here are some of the highlights in this catalog showing the many new styles for your library:

  • The new Horizons Children's series - incorporating bright colors and whimsical design to delight your young readers.
  • The new Prairie-style collection of tables, carrels and other furniture that pays homage to the timeless warmth of Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural style.
  • The Libris collection - with a design combination of wood and steel - Bold and Eye-catching - available in a world of colors.

I hope you enjoy our new brochure showing all the exciting Brodart furniture collections designed to make your library an outstanding, inviting facility for knowledge and community use.

Please call me toll-free at 1-800-330-7328 to discuss what we can do together to create the library of the 21st century!

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Call Barry Schuster to transform your dull, drab cafeteria or library into something beautiful and attractive!
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