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Metal Mesh with Elastomeric Powder Coat Enamel Finish

The features of Outdoor Furniture- Metal Mesh construction with elastomeric Powder Coat finish are far superior to other finishes. The elastomeric powder coat enamel finish on this furniture is durable and weather resistant to last in the outside environment.

Universal Seating Company's metal mesh furniture is available with ADA accessible seating. This outstanding furniture comes with the properties required to "laser engrave" your school name or mascot in the tabletop or bench seat back.

It is a sad fact of life that we are experiencing an increase in student abuse and vandalism- especially of outside furniture. The reality is that this happens in schools- no matter what the neighborhood conditions.

While we at Universal Seating Company feel this is unfortunate, we are pleased to provide a solution for this type of vandalism. We recommend furniture with metal mesh construction and the new elastomeric powder coat finish for a couple of reasons. First, it does not give graffiti artists a solid surface to draw on AND it can be quickly repaired if it is scratched or scored by vandals.

All of our seating units can be easily repaired. Your own maintenance personnel can fix any nicks and scratches in the coating in the field- simply by using a heat gun and a bit of the colored powder enamel.

Our furniture is constructed of the strongest metal mesh steel for maximum durability. While we do not warranty vandalism, our metal mesh furniture with our finish repair feature is your best defense against this problem.

Model #358H-V ADA Accessible freestanding square seating unit.

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Round freestanding Model #358-V can be placed in any location.
In ground, permanent cored-in-cement model #337-4ST-V Eight seater unit.
In ground, cored-in-cement Model #338RD-V provides seating for 8 students.
Model #238-V6 Rectangular picnic style unit with benches- Six feet long with round edge and diamond pattern.
Think of how exciting your school mascot or nickname would look in these tabletops.
The freestanding square table shown here, Model #358-V, can be placed on a concrete patio or out in the grass to increase your seating capacity.
Flat bench with back Model #940P-V6 Six Feet long with your school name or mascot "laser engraved" into the back.
Contour bench with arms - Model #965-V4 Four feet wide bench with rolled edges. Your school name can be placed in script and block letters.
Flat bench with back- Model #940P-P8 Eight feet long bench with back in perforated pattern steel. The inset lettering is done in a stylized script.

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