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Grab 'n' Go Stand-up Height Tables

The new Grab ‘n’ Go table is HOT! Just like kids use at the mall — Five kids can stand around the table with a place to put their tray. No more food spilled while kids walk and graze. This gives a high turnover rate for greater student capacity in a limited space.

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Millikan High School

At Millikan High School in Long Beach, California, the students were walking around and dropping a lot of trash. We designed these stand-up height tables so students could stand around, talk, eat and leave. It lessens the spilled food and provides efficient use of the outdoor area.

Palm Beach Central High School

Palm Beach Central High School in West Palm Beach, Florida wanted to get a lot of kids into a small outdoor area. these stand-up height tables are perfect for this application. We combine the sturdy stand-up tables with large waste receptacles to provide a pleasing place for trash to be deposited. The tables are cored into the patio for stability and security. These units will not walk away!

Graves Middle School

This covered patio area at Graves Middle School in South Whittier, California can accommodate 80 students who eat, talk to their friends and leave. Great turnover for a busy dining space.

Manatee High School

These special “around the column” tables were designed for Manatee High School in Bradenton, Florida. To allow us to provide 100 or more eating spaces in an area that was unusable before we created the custom tabletop. Even when you have columns and vertical obstructions outside, our designs can accomodate them and turn them into useful dining table spaces. Call us today to discuss your specific needs based on your building architecture.

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