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Revenue Calculator

Revenue Calculator

Money Back Guarantee For High School

  • Lease our Food Court Renovation for 72 Months.
  • Based on last yearís monthly revenue, if our food court does not generate enough additional sales to cover the monthly cost of the lease. We will pay the difference for the first year.


Hereís an example:


If you lease a $217,000 Food Court at a monthly payment for 72 months of $3,995, we guarantee that you will make at least that much new revenue- over what you were making the day before we installed the new Food Court- or we will cover the difference in money for 9 months.


You canít lose with our Guarantee- and here is why I know we can make this bold statement:


If you only increase your participation by 100 students at $2.47 revenue per student for 20 school days per month- that is $4,990.00 additional revenue that you are receiving for the month.


  • Renovate the dining room per our approved design
  • Follow our recommendations on improving Student Participation


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