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Revenue Calculator

Revenue Calculator

Are your district funds being held back or reduced by the government?   

We can help your district make money !

Our Food Court transformations will help you capture your Free/Reduced population as well as increase your participation of the Full Pay and A La Carte Guaranteed.
Where would you prefer to eat:
Hoover MS - Before
Hoover MS - After

The question is:
Would you be excited to eat in your schools cafeteria 180 days a year?

If your answer is NO, then why do you think your students or children would be happy!

Most of the support USDA provides to schools in the National School Lunch Program comes in the form of a cash reimbursement for each meal served. The current (July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010) basic cash reimbursement rates if school food authorities served less than 60% free and reduced price lunches during the second preceding school year are:
Free lunches: Reduced­price lunches: Paid lunches:
$2.68 $2.28 $0.25
Free snacks: Reduced­price snacks: Paid snacks:
$0.74 $0.37 $0.06
In addition to cash reimbursements, schools are entitled by law to receive USDA foods, called "entitlement" foods, at a value of 19.50 cents for each meal served in Fiscal Year 2009-2010. Schools can also get "bonus" USDA foods as they are available from surplus agricultural stocks.
- excerpt from the USDA National School Lunch Fact sheet

If students are not signing up and participating in the Free and Reduced Program the district is losing $2.875 ($2.68 + $.195) per student per day  - This is $517.50 a year per student

Click to see how your revenue increases with a few students per day

A 10% Participation increase could generate $88,695.00 per school
A 20% Participation increase could generate $177,390.00 per school

If you are not serving 100% of your Free/Reduced student population

...You Are Losing MONEY !

Our designs are based on your students input.  The reason for this is, if the students are not happy with the way the cafeteria looks they won't go. Students vote with their feet. For more information click here


Tight Budget?  We have a way your district can attain our Food Court Transformation without the upfront cost. Check out our leasing option.


Call Barry Schuster to transform your dull, drab cafeteria or library into something beautiful and attractive!
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