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Elementary Menu Boards

We invented this Elementary Menu Board to instruct students in proper nutrition and the various components of the foods they select. We want them to learn early to make healthy food choices!

Menu Board Food Group Indicators

Menu Board Food Group Indicators

Elementary Menu Board Trim Colors

Pre-printed Menu Item strips

Benefits of the Elementary Menu Board

Stealth Nutrition Education! Painless nutrition education for your students – in a bright, exciting presentation of the daily menu and the Nutrition Food Guide Pyramid.

Universal Seating Company has developed an Elementary School Menu Board that accomplishes two important functions:

  1. Shows the menu of the day – in colorful, visually exciting graphics.
  2. Shows the food groups that make up each menu item, using color codes.

A simple, yet effective way to teach students about nutrition!

If you look at the large 27" wide by 35" high menu board below, you can see that the nutrition food pyramid has colors on each of the 6 food group names.

These colors correspond to the menu item strips to show where each food belongs (for instance – a hamburger has dots identifying it belongs to the meat group and bread group).

The menu item strips are colors to show the main food components and has dots to highlight the secondary components. — For instance, a hamburger would have a red color (for meat) with a brown dot (for the bread bun).

There is no simpler way to show students the relationship between the food they are having each day, and information they must know about the food groups to have a healthy diet.

There are more uses for this multifunction menu board:

  1. Place it on the optional movable stand, and take it into the classroom for nutrition education.
  2. Useful as English language learning tool for California Proposition 227 English language education for non-English speakers
    • What an easy way to teach non-English speaking students the rudiments of English (weren’t food items the second thing you learned when preparing for a trip to a foreign culture? After learning how to find the bathroom, of course!)!
  3. Emphasize the special name for your dining room to create student spirit.
  4. Teach Foods-of –other-Cultures. We can provide the pre-printed menu strips in Spanish, French, Italian, and German.
  5. Teach your students early on that school food is not boring! When they see the variety of food items you offer on a daily basis – you have a better chance of keeping them in the school food program as they grow up.

Remember – these young students see menu boards every time they go into a fast food restaurant.

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