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"Hands-Free" Coffee Service :: Comparison

The Painful OLD WAY

  1. Up front expenses to buy all the equipment needed to serve coffee

    • $200 to $400 for coffee pots and serving urns.
    • $50 initial amount to purchase sugar, creamer and stirring sticks.
    • Don’t forget the trips to the store for supplies.
  2. Preparing the coffee each day

    • One lucky person is designated as the “official coffee marker” in charge of going to the store and buying the coffee — don’t forget the extra decaf along with the regular coffee, and all the condiments
    • The designated person has to come in early to prepare the coffee so everyone can have a cup when they arrive at 8 AM
    • The same lucky person is in charge of remaking the coffee during the day if the pot is empty, plus cleaning up the used coffee grounds
    • That same lucky person is selected to clean up the pots each day - probably in the bathroom - to get ready for the morning
  3. Selection of coffee flavors

    • Only regular coffee or decaf
  4. Freshness of the coffee in the pot

    • Do you really want to be the person getting coffee at 10:30 AM from the pot that was brewed at 8 AM?
  5. What about the person who takes the last drop of a pot - and leaves it empty when you come by for a cup?

  6. Is this aggravation really worth it?


Check out the profits!

The Universal/Keurig Way

  1. Up front expenses to buy all the equipment needed to serve coffee
    • Nothing.
    • Lease of the special Keurig “Hands Free” coffee machine is $60 per month.
    • Sugar, coffee, creamer and stirrer sticks are available.
    • The 11 flavors and types of coffee and tea that brew an 8oz cup are 50˘ each.
  2. Preparing the coffee each day
    • There is no preparation.
    • A person comes up to the machine, selects a type of coffee, puts the container in the machine and 30 seconds later has a fresh, steaming hot cup of delicious coffee or tea.
    • There is no coffee pot to clean up.
    • There are no old coffee grounds to put into the trash.
    • Nobody is the designated coffee maker that gets all the complaints.
  3. Selection of coffee flavors and types
    • You will have these “coffee house” quality Regional brand name coffees to choose from:
      • Hazelnut Cream
      • Hazelnut Cream Decaf
      • Kahlua Vanilla Cream
      • Breakfast Blend
      • Breakfast Blend Decaf
      • Colombian Supremo
      • Colombian Decaf
      • Foglifter
      • Mocha Java
      • Bed & Breakfast Blend
      • Caffe Midnight
      • French Roast
      • And now with 10 exciting new teas!
  4. Freshness of the coffee
    • Every cup of coffee or tea brewed hot and fresh on demand
  5. No one has to brew a pot during the day
  6. There is no aggravation and everyone gets a hot, fresh "hands-free" cup with their choice of delicious, tasty coffee or tea!


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