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Artwork Design Services

Colorboard showing design details.

Just like every great meal begins with a recipe, the design of a beautiful Food Court begins with a multi-step process called the Design Contract.

In restaurant terms, the seating area is “The Front of the House”, and the kitchen/food preparation area is “The Back of the House”

The steps that create an exciting, student grabbing Front of the House begins with a Design Contract, which is the document that details the procedure and fees for designing the seating area.

Just like a Kitchen Consultant is engaged to design the kitchen/serving area, Interior Systems, Inc is retained to design the dining room.

The process starts with the approval of the Design Contract for the grade level of school that is being planned.
Once this is approved, Interior Systems schedules a Designer to visit the school and meet with the “Stakeholders” in this project. These include:

  • The Students – to get their input in how they would like their new Food Court area to look- with colors, artwork themes and mascot usage.
  • The Administration- to be able to plan this room for maximum usage including community use, after school programs, and other functions that will be held in the room.
  • The custodial staff- so that we insure that the room is easily cleaned and able to be arranged for other activities.

During this initial visit, the students are surveyed for their input on what themes and colors they would like to see in their new dining room. We want input from as many student groups as possible so that they consider the dining room “Their space”.

Our Designer then starts the process of CAD layouts - based on exact room measurements that are taken at that visit, then meeting with artists and the Project Manager to determine how the artwork, décor and furniture will be designed and placed in the room.

When these drawings are finished, a return visit to the school is scheduled to present these drawings to the students and staff. This information consists of:

  • The layout of furniture in the room.
  • The colors for the furniture, tabletops and walls.
  • Examples of the artwork styles and themes that will be placed in the room.
  • Elevations showing how the art and décor pieces will look on each wall throughout the room.
Colorboard showing art and decor details.

If any changes are requested by the students and staff, they are noted and incorporated in a revised presentation.

All documentation including:

  • construction specifications
  • Itemized listing of all elements in the design (such as booths, chairs, tables, art pieces, décor pieces and 3-D elements)
  • and individual art and décor illustrations are prepared so that your Purchasing Department has detailed information to proceed with procurement of your new dining room.

The Design Contract between Interior Systems, Inc. and your School District is the step-by-step blueprint that contains all the information to begin the process of transforming your cafeterias from Dull to WOW!

Cover of the Pacifica High School project book


Layout of the seating in the new dining room.


Tabletop laminate colors for Pacifica High School.


The S-curved divider wall and chair colors are shown.


Examples of the art style to be used at Pacifica High School.


An illustration of the art on the arched wall at Pacifica.
One side wall elevations shows placement of art pieces on the wall.
An example of the wall paint design, with the art located between the windows.
Examples of the art pieces that will be placed on the walls at Pacifica High.

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to start the process in your schools today.

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