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3-D Artwork

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A full size theatre marquee at Arroyo Valley High School highlights the drama department and also a James Dean style 1950’s full size mannequin in rocker costume.
An old west chuck wagon at Cajon High School in San Bernardino, CA - complete with pots and pans.
The staff dining room at Arroyo Valley High School in San Bernardino has a 1950’s automotive theme with a ‘55 Chevy crashing through the wall. We also used real hubcaps and other 1950’s auto memorabilia to create a thrilling dining area.
At Compton High School, we covered their fireplace with a 1950’s soda fountain area emblazoned with a large bright school name column.
Roosevelt Middle School in Compton, CA has a lion’s head the size of a Buick! It is 8 feet high by 7 feet wide by 41/2 feet out from the wall. This Lion ROARS!
Of course we would put a corral in the middle of Cajon High School to grab the cowboys' and cowgirls' attention.
Raymondville High School Panther is the centerpiece of the room – along with colored metal ceiling grid décor above.
We put trees and greenery in a dining room to humanize it – just like your favorite restaurant. It adds an appealing air to the room.
This picture shows the scale of this huge lion’s head that proudly looks over the students at Roosevelt Middle School.
The front of a ‘57 Chevy blasting through San Bernardino High School dining room.
Birds fly out of the wall of San Bernardino City Unified School District staff dining room.
We also produced a large hand-painted Hawk in the nest with chicks for the middle of the serving area.
A seagull on top of the pirate ship in Pacific High School in San Bernardino, CA.
This is a gator with ATTITUDE
This is the school district building dining room - now a pleasant place to eat.

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